Raising Awareness and empowering Penwith

Our Aim:

Our core purpose is to support local action as an effective response to climate change and the end of cheap, non-renewable energy.

To achieve our core aim, Transition Penwith will work with local communities, partner organisations, members to raise awareness of the key Climate and Fossil Fuel issues that face us today.

To do this we will work with local schools, local organisations, give presentations about Transition Penwith, continue to recruit new members and volunteers, to spread the Transtion word.  We endeavour to include inspiring and informative presentations, talks and film showings, followed by facilitated feedback sessions.  These will include public events marketed to as wide an audience as possible, and also target specific groups such as Parish Councils, churches, private/voluntary/statortory sectors, health professionals, sustainable energy organisations, local transport providers, community workers, schools etc.

This awareness raising will include practical projects (Cape Cornwall School, Media Diploma) and workshops (Permaculture, Designing a Wind Turbine)  that build people’s skills in preparing for the Transition Action Plan. 

These events will use a range of creative teaching skills to encourage people to actively participate in their own learning process and have FUN!  Wherever possible workshops and training events will be held in partnership with existing projects, organisations and networks across Penwith and Cornwall.

The ultimate goal of Transition Penwith is to get people informed, motivated and inspired to start working together in a creative, pro-active and positive manner, to design and build the solutions for our Transition Action Plan.

A world without oil is hard to imagine, but it is possible and if properly planned and implemented will offer a higher quality of life than the one we have now.