Transition Penwith is an initiative that works to engage all sectors of the local community in addressing the issues which arise from Energy, Economics and the Environment.

Free Drop-in Making Workshops

31 January 2015 - 11:30am - 4:00pm
Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Penzance TR18 4BE

Come along to the Methodist Church Hall on Saturday morning January 31. Bring your kids or others that you know and help put together all the ingredients for the Procession which is going to launch The Big Re-think Day of the 2015 Transition Roadshow (Saturday February 7). Drop in at any time.
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The Big RE-think

7 February 2015 - 10:00am - 5:00pm
Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Penzance TR18 4BE

You may feel that you don't really understand what the Transition Town movement is all about and what exactly it's a transition towards. This day will enable more people to find out about the Transition idea and see how they could get involved.

10:00am Procession from the TOP OF CAUSEWAYHEAD to Chapel Street

Assemble at the top of Causewayhead. We want children and young people - as the ambassadors of the future - to play a big part in this procession. Help us gather momentum as we move towards the rest of the Roadshow which will take place in various parts of Chapel Street Methodist Church.

Rob Hopkins: Transition and the New Economy

6 February 2015 - 7:00pm - 10:30pm
The Acorn Parade Street, Penzance TR18 4BU

Creating a new kind of economy is crucial if we want to tackle climate change and avoid the mounting social problems associated with the rise of economic inequality. Transition groups (and others) are already running brilliant, inspiring projects and enterprises that create new livelihoods, and show new ways of providing essential goods and services. REconomy is about moving away from the doomed 'business as usual' model and towards something that helps build resilience rather than destroy it, that offers opportunity and hope despite the challenges we face, and that demonstrates a system of trade and exchange that's more sustainable, equitable and anchored in wellbeing, rather than economic growth at any cost.

Join us in the Bar before the talk for music, conversation and to view an animation.

RE-thinking our Economic Future

6 February 2015 - 9:00am - 5:00pm
The Workbox, St Mary’s Terrace, Parade Street, Penzance TR18 4DZ

A day venturing into new economic thinking and what it could mean for Penwith and other local economies. New economics is inspiring needs-led, local level solutions in communities around the country (for example – local currencies, producer co-operatives, community land trusts and community enterprise). Using principles of circular, co-operative and human-scale economics, we have the potential to transform and revitalise economies and communities. Key economic thinkers and players from across the UK will share their inspirational experiences and projects, help us develop our own Local Economic Blueprint. This session will focus on Penwith but is designed to be useful to anyone interested in transforming economics and communities.


Fundraising Event for Penwith Environmental Network

7 February 2015 - 7:30pm - 11:00pm
The Ritz, Queen Street, Penzance TR18 4BJ

An evening of Bristol's finest folk rap from Clayton Blizzard with support from Penwith's very own B-movie rock & rollers – The Super 8s. A fundraising gig to help Penwith Environmental Network with its work on:

  • the edible Forest, wildlife meadow and community garden at Love Lane, Penzance
  • the community orchard at Carnstabba, St Ives
  • the management of Millennium Woods, Penzance

Check out their website at:

No need to book a ticket for this event. Entry is £5 on the door.

This event is just one part of our two-day Transition Roadshow in Penwith - why not come to everything?

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